A photo of Chris Marcellus

Everyone in my immediate family, in some form or fashion, has worked in the entertainment and theatre industry, and I am no exception. This is my background; it is a background of storytelling, of empathy and of interpretation. This is what I grew up on. Though I enjoy the art of theatre, and went to college to study theatre design, I found that working in that industry was not for me, but I found that the skills I learned in that industry can be transferred to many other workplaces.

I have experience in many environments including retail, tailoring, photography, interactivity, design, event planning, just to name a few; then I discovered the UX/UI design field and found that it closely matches what has been intuitively taught in me: storytelling, empathy and interpretation. In a matter of time, I was able to quickly learn the programs used for this field as well as the elements of user experience, user research, interface design, and even some front-end development. What you see on this website is the culmination of the discovery and that journey.

On the front page, you may have noticed I use the words “simple, yet elegant”. This has been a mantra of mine since the days of theatre that I picked up from one of my professors in college. It means to put in what you need to get the point across without making the design feel lacking. It means do not add something for the sake of embellishment. It means that everything contributed must have a purpose. When those purposes are fulfilled and that design becomes whole, I can’t help but step back and feel accomplished at what I’ve made… Just as soon as I fix that one thing.