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UX Researcher | UI Designer

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What is inSpectrum?

inSpectrum is an app that calculates UV data based on a user’s location and gives personalized recommendations for the user to protect themselves, stay healthy, and avoid melanoma. It features hourly UV data, UV history tracker, hydration reminder, burn rate calculator, UV protection timer and activity planning.

What was my role?

I had a hand in every step of the process with my team, from ideating, collecting research data and analyzing it to sketching and constructing wireframes, to the eventual final design where my main job was to make sure interactions with the prototype were smooth and easy to navigate.

The Problem

There is a lack of awareness of UV and how damaging it can be to a person. There needs to be an easy way for users to understand and identify what they need to protect themselves from the sun to avoid future health risks such as melanoma and skin cancer.

The Solution

We ideated the app and conducted interviews to determine what features would be helpful as reminders or data trackers. We then compiled the data from the interview and turned it into an app with many of these features in one convenient Main Page.


This prototype shows a complete and in-depth design of what the inSpectrum app would look like. From this point the next step would look into having the app developed and look for a non-profit to give the app a platform.

inSpectrum could also, potentially, be combined with a bigger weather app as an extension or plug-in.

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